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Concrete Raw Material
Dec 19, 2017

The cement, lime, gypsum and other inorganic cementitious materials are mixed with water to make the concrete mix plastic; and then by chemical and physical chemistry.

A variety of concrete

A variety of concrete

The strength is produced by hardening with condensation. Generally speaking, drinking water can meet the requirements of concrete mixing water. Excess of acid, alkali, salt and organic matter in the water will have a harmful effect on the concrete. The aggregate not only has the filling effect, but also has an important influence on the bulk density, strength and deformation of the concrete.

In order to improve some properties of concrete, admixtures can be added. As admixture has obvious technical and economic effect, it is becoming an indispensable component of concrete. In order to improve the workability of concrete mixture or the properties of hardened concrete and save cement, the fine mineral material admixture can also be added to concrete mixing. It is divided into two types: active and inactive. The properties and quantities of the admixtures affect the strength, deformation, hydration heat, impermeability and color of concrete.

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