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What Project Should Be Geological Exploration
Jul 26, 2018

Geological exploration is mainly divided into two directions: one is the energy direction, and the other is the engineering direction. In the direction of energy, geological exploration is mainly to observe, describe and record the geological structure of the field. Finally, preliminary analysis is made to obtain the main forms, forms and types of geological phenomena in the field, and then the deposits of industrial significance are found in the mineral survey. In order to ascertain the quality and quantity of minerals, as well as the technical conditions of mining and utilization, provide the mineral reserves and geological data needed for mine construction design, and so on. In the engineering direction, geological exploration mainly involves the exploration and detection of engineering geology through various means and methods, determining the appropriate bearing layer, determining the basic type according to the bearing capacity of the bearing layer, and calculating the investigation and research activities of the basic parameters. Including: new road route engineering geological exploration, roadbed pavement geological survey, bridge and culvert engineering geological survey, tunnel engineering geological exploration, natural roadbed road construction material engineering geological survey and so on. The state clearly states that under normal circumstances, the project cannot be designed and constructed without exploration. In addition, geological exploration is also required for projects in the hydrological and meteorological fields.

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