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What Is Geotextile
Jul 26, 2018

Another name for geotextiles is geotextile. Less early products mean a kind of cloth material used in geotechnical work.

In the process of manufacturing geotextiles, the polymer raw materials are first processed into filaments, short fibers, yarns or strips, and then made into a planar structure geotextile. Geotextiles can be classified into woven (woven) geotextiles and non-woven (nonwoven) geotextiles according to the manufacturing method. The woven geotextile is interwoven by two parallel sets of orthogonal or oblique warp and weft threads. Nonwoven geotextiles are made by orienting or arranging the fibers. According to different methods of joining fibers, it can be divided into chemical (binder) bonding, thermal coupling and mechanical coupling.

The advantages of geotextiles are the advantages of light weight, good overall continuity (which can be made into a larger area), convenient construction, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and microbial resistance. The disadvantage is that without special treatment, the UV resistance is low. If exposed, it is easily aging by direct ultraviolet radiation, but if it is not directly exposed, the anti-aging and durability can still be high.

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