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What Areas Are The Soil Nutrient Rapid Testers Used In?
Aug 25, 2018

A: The application fields of quick test mainly include: 1 soil testing and fertilizing service 2 chemical fertilizer plant and its distribution unit to promote agrochemical services, 3 soil fertility survey, guiding macro-fertilization policy 4 agrochemical service department to develop soil testing and fertilization abundance index 5 grassroots Such as villages, farms, science and technology demonstration sites, self-measuring soil services, 6 crop hospitals, crop nutrition diagnosis, 7 compound fertilizer production, monitoring of fertilizer nutrient content, 8 scientific research, soil nutrient determination, 9 identification of true and false fertilizers.

    There are different opinions on whether the rapid test can be used for soil fertility investigation and the formulation of abundance and deficiency indicators for soil testing. One view is that speed measurement is based on the premise of reducing test accuracy, so it can only be qualitative or semi- Quantitative, only a rough understanding of soil fertility, the other half believe that rapid measurement can make qualitative, semi-quantitative, or quantitative, improve test speed does not rely entirely on the spirit of sacrifice test, it The accuracy of abandonment can be limited. Although it does not have the authority of “referee”, it can fully meet the requirements of the soil test specification developed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

    The two different views of the appeal are also reflected in the technical route of the development of the rapid tester. The former focuses on the existing qualitative and semi-quantitative speed measurement technology, while the latter focuses on the development of quantitative speed measurement technology. Different technical routes will have Different products have different application fields.

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