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What Are The Rally Machines Used In Industry?
Sep 23, 2017

Rally is widely used in the search for the relationship between material strength and deformation of the experiment, the metal, non-metallic raw materials processing, finished products for stretching, compression, bending and other mechanical experiments and analysis.

First, according to the level of automation can be divided into

1, the number of explicit tensile testing machine, also known as microcomputer-based tensile testing machine: test data directly on the LCD screen, the test items are relatively fixed, commonly used in factory quality control.

2, the computer system Rally testing machine: is the most common tensile testing machine, the test data collected through the computer, and then through the software program to calculate the user to get the final data, and can be printed out by way of the report. Commonly used in scientific research units, testing organizations, new product development.

Second, in accordance with the control system can be divided into

1. Frequency conversion system tension testing machine: the use of variable frequency motor control system, stretching, compression speed control by the frequency converter.

2. Servo system tension testing machine: the use of servo motor control system, stretching, compression speed and displacement control more accurate. Servo motor system for the servo control system, the use of intelligent feedback type operation, you can speed test, cycle testing, programming and testing.

3. Other drive method Rally testing machine: through the DC motor control, the drive method of tensile testing machine due to low cost, has been gradually eliminated.

Third, according to industry and functional characteristics can be divided into

1. Metal tensile testing machine: metal material tensile strength, elongation is small, need to configure the metal punctuation meter.

2. Rubber tensile testing machine: rubber or elastomer elongation is relatively large, with a large punctuation device, while the fixture design to consider the characteristics of rubber, can not slip. Can be equipped with O-ring fixture, tire industry, such as fixtures.

3. Plastic tensile testing machine: plastic tensile strength than rubber, elongation is very small, and often to test three-point bending test.

4. Textile tensile testing machine: the textile industry needs to test fabric fabric stripping, puncture, tearing, single yarn stretch test, fixture and software is special.

5. Paper tension testing machine: paper needs to test the tensile strength, ring pressure, vertical pressure, flat pressure, edge pressure, peel strength, fixture more.

6. Leather tensile testing machine: leather need to test the tensile strength, tear strength, test items is relatively simple.

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