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What Are The Application Areas Of Geosynthetics?
Jul 21, 2018

Geosynthetics, different products have different characteristics and can be applied to many engineering fields.

The fields that have been applied include geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering, traffic engineering, municipal engineering and land reclamation projects.


Soil erosion is a natural process caused by the action of water and wind. It has many influencing factors, such as soil, vegetation and landforms. Under certain conditions, human life activities will accelerate this process. If this erosion is not properly treated, it can cause enormous damage to existing buildings and the environment.

In terms of soil erosion control, geosynthetics can be applied in areas such as slope protection, water channel protection, shoreline protection, beach reclamation, vegetation restoration, rockfall protection nets and flood control dam construction. Depending on the characteristics of the project and the site conditions, one or more geosynthetic products may be involved in the erosion control project.

In the slope protection project, in addition to using some geosynthetic materials, it is necessary to use soil nails, and even use rock bolts to ensure the stability of the protection system. In some cases, geotextile bags filled with mortar will also be used to fix the surface, and the grass seeds will be inserted into the gaps of the protective structure to cultivate vegetation to prevent the loss of water and soil.

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