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Operating Procedures Of Electric Antiflex Testing Machine.
Mar 04, 2018

Operating procedures

1. Before the test, remove the moisture and sand particles attached to the surface of the test body, remove the debris that adheres to the cylinder surface on the fixture, and put the test body into the anti-folding fixture, so that the side should contact with the cylinder.

2. Adjust the fixture, and the lever should be balanced before the test body is put in. As close as possible to the equilibrium position when the specimen is broken.

3, press the start button indicator motor drive screw rotation, thallium mobile oil loading, when added to a certain value is broken body, on a scale at the bottom of the main ruler read the value of flexural strength, flexural strength results from three test average body and integer value. When the three strength values are above or above the average, the average value of them should be adjusted.

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