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The Use Of Mortar Molds
Feb 25, 2018


1. Loading mode should be paid attention to when the end plate and baffle plate under the plane and the base plane must rely on tight, shall not be scratched, in May, when necessary, compaction model at the same time, with wooden hammer tap on the plane of each plate and base against.

2. In the course of use, the specimen shall check the cavity size periodically (once a season), and when it is found that its tolerance exceeds gb177-77, it should be stopped immediately.


A thin layer of oil is applied to the inner wall of the specimen cavity before each test block.

Disassembly, unscrew the butterfly nut on the eyelet bolt, on the unscrewing shaft butterfly nut, together with the eyelet bolt out of the groove side template can down side templates, every time after demoulding, should be tried to wipe the parts surface coating, and coated with anti-rust oil.

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