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Technical Requirements For Mortar Specimen
Feb 25, 2018

The technical requirements

1. The mortar specimen shall be made of cast iron or steel, and the inner surface shall be machined smooth, and shall not have any sand holes or defects.

2. Sample size: 70.7 x 70.7 x 70.7mm and 70.7 + 0.1mm. The test model refers to the test injection process in the product development and manufacturing process before the production of the mold and the mass production. After the mould at the completion of all parts and assembly, need through the actual injection molding and injection samples, and sample tests to determine whether the production of mould fully comply with the design requirements. If the injection mold meets the design requirement, it can be put into the production of batch injection. Otherwise, we need to modify the mould according to the sample feedback. Depending on the mode of change, the test mode may be carried out several times before mass production until the mold completely corrects all problems.

Inspection standard equipment.

Vernier caliper, range 300mm, dividing value 0.02mm.


1. Use sensory examination to meet the requirements of article 1.

2. Use the vernier caliper to measure the length and diameter of each side, and its value shall meet the requirements of article 2.

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