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The Outlook Of Geotextile
Feb 19, 2018

Application of geotextile abroad began in the early 60 s, the United States is the largest country in the geotextile consumption in the world, in the early 90 s to its annual consumption in more than 300 million ㎡, in recent years, the dosage of 700 million ㎡. Geotextile in Europe and Japan also get rapid development, geotextile in Europe in recent years, the annual consumption of about 400 million ㎡, the method of spun-bonded nonwoven fabric accounted for about 60% of the nonwoven geotextile; Japan's use of geotextiles has increased significantly since the mid-1990s. In Japan non-woven geotextile is the largest amount of viscose, which accounts for about 60% of the total amount of non-woven geotextiles, and is mainly of PET spinning.

China's geotextile started in the early 1980s, but its use was very small. It was just an experimental application. Until 1998, when flooding caused the attention of the government, the construction sector include the application of geotextile in to the design specifications, and formulate the relevant national standards, geotextile truly get attention and development. At present our country the dosage of the geotextile has been over 300 million ㎡, nonwoven geotextile total proportion of about 40%. Civil engineering construction in China has a huge potential market, its potential is never lower than the current consumption of 7 ~ 800 million ㎡. Experts estimate that China's geotextile will continue to grow in double digits over the next 15 years, with the rapid growth of PET spinning and viscose filament geotextiles.

During the period of "15" and "11th five-year" plan, plan in our country in water conservancy, electric power, transportation, environmental protection, river regulation engineering investment is huge, including water conservancy construction, the south-north water diversion project, electric power investment, highway and railway construction, environmental engineering, construction, ports, airports, garbage disposal, management of rivers and lakes, sand and so on project, investment project of trillions of dollars. China in the next 10 years or longer, there will be more infrastructure projects to build, will be more and more demand for the geotextile, China will become the world's largest marketing of geosynthetic materials.

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