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Introduction Of Glass Fiber Geogrid
Feb 19, 2018

Glass fiber is a kind of geogrid reinforced pavement and subgrade of new geotechnical base material, fine products with non-alkali glass fiber filament as the main raw material, adopt unique warp knitting weaving, after special rubber coating and reticular structure material. It can effectively improve the stress distribution of road structure, resist and delay the occurrence of reflection crack caused by grass roots crack, improve the service life of road, and reduce the cost and improve construction quality. The product is a new kind of patent products, the company launched the coated glass fiber geogrids since the pressure sensitive adhesive is handled and become, in keeping the glass fiber geogrid on the basis of the features and functions, make the grille and contact surface together, has the characteristics of convenient construction, paving leveling, especially suitable for highway construction, road surface reinforcement, reinforcement of the old road reconstruction and other projects. Composite geotextile is to use glass fiber or high-strength polyester fiber yarn with nonwoven fabric by warp knitting weaving or glue them into a new type of composite geotextile materials, organically combined with the glass fiber and nonwoven fabric both excellent properties, besides being of geogrid have high strength, low elongation, high elastic modulus, heat resistance and other features, also has a good ability of anti permeability and filter is a kind of multi-functional geosynthetic materials, can effectively prolong the service life of the project, reduce the maintenance frequency, reduce the engineering cost, is suitable for road pavement subgrade engineering and water conservancy dike reinforcement enhancements and isolation protection. High-strength polyester fiber geogrids is a kind of reinforced embankment of new geotechnical base material with high quality, adopt high-strength polyester fiber and polypropylene fiber as raw material, and after the warp knitting direction detection rubberized coating by the special craft processing and become. Has a very high tensile strength, low elongation, can effectively prevent the pavement cracking in subgrade engineering, improve the bearing capacity of soft soil foundation, to prevent the foundation settlement and reduce the project cost, improve the efficiency of construction, so as to improve the quality of highway, railway and other projects of using and using life.

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