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The Compactor Is Susceptible To Low Temperature.
Feb 04, 2018

Low temperature keep the engine starting difficulty, its main cause is a decline in lubricating oil viscosity increases, battery and fuel atomization viscosity increases with temperature decrease, the flow performance is poor, so that the engine lubrication conditions deteriorate, the crankshaft rotational resistance increased. When the battery is at low temperature, the viscosity of the electrolyte also increases, the penetration ability decreases, and the internal resistance increases, so that the capacity of the battery and the terminal voltage drop significantly, and cannot even discharge. The voltage drop causes the starter to not get the required output power, and it is difficult to meet the requirement of start-up speed. Due to low temperature, the crankshaft speed of the engine is not high, the inlet pipe temperature and gas flow rate are low, and the atomization quality of the fuel is poor, which further increases the difficulty for the engine to start up. Under low temperature, the viscosity of all kinds of oil is large and the fluidity is poor, which brings difficulties to the operation of the roller and aggravates the wear of the machine parts. Lubricating oil viscosity, stirring oil increased power loss in the operation of institutions, decrease engine power, the transmission system of low efficiency, reducing the roller walking and excitation mechanism driving ability. The fluidity of lubricating oil increases the difficulty of lubrication of some parts and reduces the lubrication effect, thus aggravating the wear of engine and transmission parts. Work in the oil viscosity is big, also increased the line resistance, make the hydraulic steering control difficult, the efficiency of hydraulic brake, to add to the difficulty, driving has adverse effect on the safe driving. There are also widespread freezing hazards during cold season, for example, the electrolyte freezing of the battery will cause it to stop working. The cooling water of the water-cooled engine will freeze and crack the radiator and cylinder block.

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