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Classification Of Compactor
Feb 04, 2018

The static compaction compaction machine utilizes the gravity effect of the grinding wheel to produce permanent deformation and compaction of the pressed layer. Its grinding wheel is divided into: the light grind, the groove grind, the sheep foot grind and the tire grind etc. The smooth and smooth surface of the roller compaction is the most widely used, which is suitable for the compaction of all kinds of pavement, cushion, plane and square. The pressure of groove grind, sheep foot grind unit is big, compaction layer is thick, apply to embankment, embankment compaction. Oller tire pressure adjustable, can increase the reduced pressure is heavy, the unit pressure variable, compacting process has rubbing effect, make the compacted layer evenly dense, and does not hurt the road surface, suitable for road and square cushion layer compaction. The impact compaction machine relies on mechanical impact compaction soil. Using the principle of the two-stroke internal combustion engine, the rammer is used to work with the centrifugal force principle, and the fast impact compaction of connecting rod mechanism and spring work is used. It is characterized by compaction thickness, which is suitable for compaction of narrow area and foundation pit. Vibratory compacting force makes the material particles rearranged and compacted in resonance, such as plate vibratory compactor. It is characterized by high vibration frequency and good compaction effect on loose soil rock, such as sand and gravel. The compound action compaction machinery has roller compaction and vibratory effect of vibratory roller, roller compaction and impact force of impact pressure roller etc. The vibratory vibratory roller, which is attached to the vibrator in the roller, is the trend of replacing the static compaction compaction machine.

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