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Operating Rules Of The Asphalt Softening Point Measuring Instrument
Jan 20, 2018

1. in the beaker in the 800 ~ 1000ml distilled water, the room temperature is lower when a little less, when the indoor temperature is higher, can be put more.

2. by heating or in ice water, the temperature of the beaker is adjusted to 5.

3. the magnetic stirring is placed in the middle of the bottom of the beaker.

4. put two samples in the sample ring and put two steel balls in the center of the sample. Keep the sample in a beaker at a constant temperature of no less than 15min.

5. put the beaker in the tester and plug it into the power outlet.

6. open the power switch, press the "start" button, by adjusting the speed control button, so that the speed of the mixer to the appropriate position. When the heat is started, the speed of the agitator can be faster. When the water temperature is close to the softening point, it stops turning.

7. when the sample drops to 25.4mm, the tester is sound, indicating the end of the test.

8. press the "result" button to read the average temperature on the temperature display.

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