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The Use Of The Three Beam Balance
Jan 13, 2018

The adjustment of the horizontal position of the A. balance: the horizontal spiral on the rotating balance chassis to keep the bubbles in the central level of the chassis in the central position.

B. zero point correction: lock the fixed lock below the horizontal bar pivot, and place the weights on the three bars on the zero scale engraving or scale. Open the fixed lock to make the bar swinging freely. When the bar is still, is the horizontal pointer at the right end of the bar on the central zero point of the scale plate? If the pointer exactly refers to the zero scale, the balance is zero and can be used. If the pointer is below the zero scale, the fixed lock is locked, and the adjusting screw of the rotary balance adjusts to move to the left until the lock is opened, and the pointer is pointing to the zero scale. If the pointer is above the zero scale, the adjusting screw is moved to the right.

C. test quality (weighing): lock the fixed lock and put the object in the center of the dish, if the object will corrode the name plate, then use the appropriate container or paper to hold the cushion. Estimated mass (weight), the weight shift in the corresponding scale prediction quality, open the lock, the equilibrium position of a pointer to determine object quality is greater than or less than the estimated quality, change or move the location of the three root weight bar, bar until the balance is static, it refers to the pointer to zero scale. By the weight position on the three bar, the quality of the object is read and recorded.

D. repeats the above steps to measure the mass of the object to be measured three times, to obtain the average value, and to use the effective number to indicate its quality.

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