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The Structure Of The Three Beam Balance
Jan 13, 2018

A. three Liang Tianping mainly uses three weights on the three bar and determines the quality of the object.

B. at the top of the bar with ten carved teeth from 0 grams, 1 grams, 2 grams,.. always from left to right to 10 grams so far.

C. bar in the middle, from zero to 100 grams is divided into ten minute teeth, each tooth with 10 grams as a unit.

D. the bottom of the bar from zero to 1 grams, the large scale painting is divided into ten scales, each of 1 grams per unit. A medium scale is then divided into two units of 0.1 grams per unit, each of which is 0.05 grams. Finally, every two large scale is divided by a small scale, with a subdivision of ten equal points, and each small scale is 0.01 grams.

E. in the three bar on the right side of the straight beam with two rod, can hang on to increase the weight (balance base right end inserted in the two with hanging holes, each weight) add a heavier weight, balance weighing value increased 100 grams.

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