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The Prospect Of The Total Station
Jan 09, 2018

With the continuous development and application of computer technology and the special requirements of users and the application of other industrial technologies, a new development period of total station has appeared, and the total station with memory, waterproof, explosion-proof, computer type and so on.

The world's highest precision total station instrument: angle measurement accuracy (a standard deviation of the direction of measurement and return) 0.5 seconds, ranging accuracy 0.5mm+1ppm. Using ATR (Auto Targets Recognition, automatic target recognition) function, daytime and night (without lighting) can work. The total station has reached an unbelievably angle and distance measurement accuracy, both manual operation can automatic operation, can remote control operation can also be used in airborne applications under control, can be used in measurement, deformation monitoring, precision engineering is almost no limit to poor mechanical guidance control applications.

The total station instrument, the most conventional measuring instrument, will be more and more satisfied with the needs of various surveying and mapping work, and will play a greater role.

The total station angle measuring system is different from the traditional optical theodolite angle measuring system. Compared with the traditional optical theodolite angle measuring system, the total station angle measuring system has two main differences.

(1) the traditional optical disk is replaced by the absolute encoder disk or the photoelectric incremental encoder, and the electronic subdivision system is used instead of the traditional optical micrometer.

(2) the observation value and manual record of the traditional observer are changed into the direct reading and automatic recording of the observer.

The range finder system of the total station is basically the same as that of the general range finder, only the volume is smaller, and the semiconductor GaAs light emitting diode is usually used as the light source. The maximum range and distance measurement error of different types and series of total stations produced by different manufacturers have great changes.

The recording system of the total station is also called the electronic data recorder, which is a hardware device with specific software for storing the measured data. There are many types of data loggers, but the basic functions are the same, playing the role of bridge between the total station and the electronic computer. It makes the field record work automation, reduces the error of record calculation, and greatly improves the efficiency of field operation. There are three main forms of the total station recording system: interface type, magnetic card type and memory type.

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