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Error Analysis And Correction In The Installation Process Of Vertical Disc
Jan 09, 2018

The verticality plate is made up of main raster, indicating grating, indicating grating base, shaft and axle sleeve. During vertical plate installation, vertical disk index difference and horizontal axis tilt error will occur. The index difference of the vertical disk is due to the incorrect installation of the fixed indicator grating, which means that the readings of the perpendicularity disc are not 90 degrees when the quasi axis level is viewed. The installation verticality after hours, the instrument in the instrument pier, a high goal and instrument roughly the same collimator infinity, with left and right wheel disc target zenith distance. Then the left side is: alpha =90 degree -L+I; right disk: alpha =R-270 degree -I gets I=1/2 (L+R-360 degree), if the index difference I exceeds the specified limit difference, then correction is made, and correction is divided into two kinds: one is mechanical correction, the other is software correction.  Mechanical correction, loosen the grating seat bracket connected with 4 screw rotation adjustment instructions, indicating grating seat, left disc set again right measurement and calculation index, until so far to meet the needs of. Software correction: start poor indicators of the instrument calibration procedures, display tips, left and right wheel disc collimation collimator, extract and store the difference between poor indicators, after the correction, the instrument display angle for the correction index after the value is in the correct installation position indicator value. The horizontal axis tilt error is due to the level of support shaft two bracket height ranging from high to cause, when measuring the horizontal axis tilt of horizontal angle has a great influence on the vertical axis, vertical, and horizontal collimation axis perpendicular to the axis of the premise:

1. Take the horizontal axis center O as the center of the circle, any length as the radius, and HH1 as the horizontal axis. H 'H1' represents the position of the horizontal axis when the angle is tilted. When the vertical angle is on the side of H1, the inclination angle of all horizontal directions is unchanged when the horizontal axis revolves around the vertical axis.  When the horizontal axis level, a target T is vertical sighting plane is OZTM ', it at the level of the dial reading of M', if the horizontal axis tilt angle, when the collimation axis toward the zenith, the collimation axis will not be in the correct position of OZ, to the OZ 'position, with such the collimation axis to a target T, a surface inclined plane is OZ' TM, in a horizontal dial reading of M. The chord length MM '= delta beta is the effect of the horizontal axis tilt error on the direction of reading. OZM in the vertical plane, spherical triangle ZTM, ZT=Z, LZMT=, TM alpha, LTZM= beta, delta beta, the vertical angle formula of spherical sin =sin /sinz*sin alpha and delta beta beta beta beta and Delta because of small angle, can be a beta beta alpha = TG, this is the relationship between the horizontal axis tilt the influence of horizontal angle error. Test on the horizontal axis tilt error of the flat, low (high) method for verification: two selected points in the room, a higher level of attention to a lower level of attention and the vertical angle alpha = Alpha meet high low high, when the observation: (L-R) high =2L/cos high +2 alpha beta *tg a high when the observation lows: (L-R) low =2L/cos low +2 alpha *tg alpha beta alpha = Alpha, because of low high low, while beta =1/2 (C; high -C and low cot alpha) when using flat and high reading, as long as the (L-R) =2C (L-R) and low =2L/ low cos alpha +2 *tg beta alpha low specific operation prompted by the software, and right respectively according to his disc disc level quasi parallel light tubes for collimation and indicate the difference of beta 1, then left and right wheel disc laying point collimator for collimation and index difference of beta 2, then according to the above formula the horizontal axis tilt error. When the horizontal axis tilt error is too large, it can be corrected by adjusting the relative position of the indicating grating base and the bracket on the verticality disk, and it can also be compensated according to the software.

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