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The Classification Of Total Station Apparatus According To The Function Of Measurement
Jan 09, 2018

The total station instrument can be classified into four categories according to the function of measurement.

TCRP total station instrument

TCRP total station instrument

(1) classical total station (Classical total station)

The classical total station, also known as the conventional total station, has the basic functions of total station electronic angle measurement, electronic ranging and data automatic recording, and some can also run the airborne measurement program developed by the manufacturer or user independently. Its classic representative is the TC series total station of the Leica Inc.

(2) mobile total station (Motorized total station)

Step motor shafting installation step based on the classical total station, automatic theodolite alidade and rotating telescope. In the control of the computer online, the value of automatic collimation target according to the given direction of mobile computer series total station, and can realize the automatic measuring and reverse mirror. Leica TCM series total station is a typical mobile total station.

(3) non cooperative target total station (Reflectorless total station)

The non cooperative target total station is a total station which can range directly to the general target under the condition of no reflection prism.  Therefore, the non cooperative target type total station has obvious advantages for the measurement of the target which is inconvenient for relocating the reflective prism. Such as Leica TCR series total station, no cooperative target distance measuring range can reach 1000m, can be widely used in cadastral survey, real estate measurement and construction measurement.

(4) intelligent total station (Robotic total station)

Based on automatic total station, the new function of the instrument installation of automatic target recognition and approval, therefore in the automation process, the total station to overcome the defects of artificial target sighting, intelligent total station. In the control software under the intervention of Intelligent Total Station in unmanned condition can automatically complete the identification, measurement and collimation of multiple targets. Therefore, the intelligent total station is also called "measurement robot", which typically represents the Leica TCA total station.

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