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Attention To The Use Of Analytical Balance
Dec 29, 2017

Matters needing attention

(1) the action should be slow and light: the lifting and lifting pivot slowly opens and opens to the maximum position, and slowly turns the circle code to prevent the ring code from falling off or misplacing.

(2) the weighing material can not be placed directly in the weighing plate. According to the different properties of the weighing material, it can be placed in a paper, a surface dish or a weighing bottle. An object that can not be weighed more than the maximum weight of the balance.

(3) the balance can not be replaced in the same weighing process so as not to produce relative error.

(4) the use of analytical balance should be followed in tray balance related operation rules, should also pay attention to: add weight, take sample or otherwise contact balance should put the balance beam, or it is easy to damage the blade, which is the most important rule in a balance. The balance gate should be closed at each time of weighing. When the weights are added, the pointer swing should be controlled between 2~4 cases. The known sample is weighed in a clean, dry weighing bottle or surface, depending on its properties. The weighing bottle must not be taken by hand. It should be taken with a filter paper. Weighing over, to check whether the balance beam support, Farmar is complete, there is no drug on to balance within days the exit is closed, the cloth cover is covered. When the balance is used for a period of time, it should be sent to the Metrology Department for verification and repair. The overall cleaning work of the balance should be carried out two times a year.

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