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Common Faults Of The Distiller
Dec 29, 2017

Common fault editing

1. fuse breaking

This kind of fault occurs more, and there must be a short circuit. After the power failure, we can use the resistance meter of the multimeter to measure whether the heating wire of each heating tube is grounded. If the earth is grounded, it can remove its two heads, so it can be used as an emergency measure. The distiller is still available, but the power is reduced, the water yield is reduced correspondingly, or it is replaced. For example, the 20 liter / time electrothermal distiller is 6 branches and 3 groups, which are used in parallel with two branches. Sometimes the electric heating wire is not grounded when the power is broken, and the electricity is grounded for a period of time. Then check out whether the scale thickness, such as thick clear; not thick may be electric wire of an electric heating tube after grounding caused by thermal expansion.

2. up power switch with sound and spark

There is a sound and spark in the power switch, which indicates that the electric circuit has short circuit or contact, so that the current is too large. The reason for causing too much electric current is not only the electric heating wire in the electric heating pipe, but also the leakage between the electric heating tube and the evaporating pan, causing short circuit in the power supply joint, or causing a fire at the power junction because of moisture, which leads to the smaller resistance of the wiring insulation board.

3. reduced amount of distilled water

With the increase of the time of use, the scale of the electric heating tube is also increasing. The heat of the electric heating tube is not easy to come out, and the water volume of distilled water decreases slowly. At this time, physical or chemical methods can be used to remove scale. If the amount of water is reduced obviously, it is sure that the electric heating wire is burned, the power is reduced, the water output is reduced, and the burned electric heating pipe can be found and replaced by the multimeter. Water leakage or water seepage should be observed after replacement. Electricity can be used only after no seepage.

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