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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Stainless Steel Distiller
Dec 29, 2017


1. should be washed every day before the use of the interior, and the water will be exhausted to replace the fresh water, so as to avoid the scale of the water to reduce the water quality, affect the use effect. 2. water impurities by evaporation will be left behind, especially the poor water quality and tap water without treatment, after evaporation, the pot will leave a deposit scale < >, condensation in the barrel wall, electric heating tube, the inner wall of the shell, the surface of the condenser water pipes and other places, not only hindered the days and months multiplying, water flow, and influence of condensing effect, so as to reduce water production; the electric heating tube, it will also make the heat accumulation and shorten the service life. Therefore, the scale should be removed frequently. The cleaning method is to use brush to wash the surface of a layer of dirt. However, as for the combination of dirt, we should use weak acid or weak alkali solution to clean it. In the process of washing, please note: do not force too hard to damage the parts.

3., the heating element of Distiller is immersed electric heating tube. Its structure is made of Ni Cr alloy as the heating body, buried in the center of the copper tube, and surrounded by Magnesium Oxide as insulation. Therefore, once the water is broken, the heat can not be absorbed by the water, which will cause the breakdown of the copper tube sheath to burn down. Therefore, it must be soaked in water.

4. the distiller must be operated by a special person. It must be clear when the new operator is changed.

5. electrical parts should be checked regularly and have reliable grounding.

If 6. users change their electric heating tubes for maintenance, the washer must be well lined to ensure no water leakage. Otherwise, the head of the electric heating tube will be broken through when the head is attached to the electricity. The screw cap should be tightened to avoid the spark and the head of the electric heating tube.

7. the newly purchased distiller should be cleaned first, and after more than eight hours of electrified evaporation, it should be cleaned inside. It is then used formally to ensure that the water quality meets the requirements (cleaning can be carried out according to 2).

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