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The Use Of Stainless Steel Distiller
Dec 29, 2017

Usage method

1. first, the water release valve (7) is closed.

2. opening the water source valve (1) makes tap water from the inlet control valve (4) into the condenser (3) and then from the backwater pipe into the funnel and into the evaporator (6). Until the water level rises to the center of the glass water level window (5), the water source valve (1) can be closed temporarily when the water level discharge pipe (10) outflows and its water level stops rising.

3. connect the power supply, wait until the water is boiling in the pot, and then open the water source valve (1). But we should pay attention to that the water should not be too big or too small. We should start the water valve from small to large, and adjust the volume of distilled water to the largest and the small overflow of the water cup is suitable. The temperature of distilled water is about 40 degrees centigrade.

4. water outlet hose should not be too long, and do not insert the distilled water container, skin tube before use should be clean and wash with distilled water to wash, and be open to prevent blocking steam caused by Water Leakage overflow.

5. the outer wall of the condenser has a hot hand, which is normal, otherwise there will be no distilled water.

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