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Structural Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Distiller
Dec 29, 2017

Structure feature editing

This product is mainly composed of three parts of stainless steel evaporator, condenser and electrical device.


This part is made of high quality stainless steel sheet, rolled and extended by advanced welding process. The water level in the pot exceeds the limited location, and it can automatically overflow, and the airtight device is installed on the pot body and the lid. A retaining cap, can effectively prevent the steam with water and distilled water quality influence. The scale of acid and caustic washing, convenient cleaning thoroughly, the pot is arranged on the right side of the drain cock, may at any time put to save water.


This component is made of high quality stainless steel sheet and international popular stainless steel coil pipe, with reasonable structure, high heat exchange rate and easy disassembly, so that it is easy to wash internal scale.

Heating part

This component is made up of an immersed electric heating tube, the electric heating pipe is T4 copper sheath, and the surface is plated with YISHION tin; it is durable and installed in the inner bottom of the evaporator.

Do not break water when you use it!

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