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The Structure Of The Three Axis Test Machine
Dec 22, 2017


1) the axial system on the axial pressure system test machine consists of the axial loading frame, the axial controller and so on. The axial loading frame is composed of four columns, ball screw and servo motor, synchronous belt reducer, a movable beam, test force sensor and other components, this structure can ensure the accuracy and simplicity of operation, accurate measurement of the axial load stability control. The axial controller adopts the fully digital servo controller imported from Germany DOLI company. It has the characteristics of high resolution, high control accuracy, no drift, low failure rate, no impact transformation of control mode, and self fault diagnosis. The force control, the displacement control and the deformation control of the specimen can be achieved in the axial direction.

2) confining pressure system

The confining pressure system of the test machine includes three axis pressure chamber, peri pressure pressurization device and confining pressure controller, etc. Confining pressure device adopts the servo motor system; pressure chamber adopts self balanced pressure chamber B exclusive production technology, the pressure chamber sample handling convenient, can directly measure the specimen deformation, more important is the pressure chamber in the axial loading (or confining pressure) when confining pressure (or axial) will not change does not affect phase, to ensure the accuracy of the K0 test. The pressure chamber with cooling exchange device to control the pressure of the indoor temperature, the sample pressure chamber of the lower platen are generic refrigerant liquid temperature control. The confining pressure controller is also controlled by a full digital servo controller imported by the German DOLI company.

3) temperature control system

The temperature control system used by Hangzhou temperature controller to control the production of Xiamen Yuguang pressure chamber and upper and lower plate temperature.

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