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The Working Principle Of The Three Axis Test Machine
Dec 22, 2017


The test machine can achieve the following control:

1) axial constant speed test force control, constant test force control (creep test), constant speed displacement control, constant displacement control, constant rate deformation control, constant deformation control (relaxation test).

2) constant rate pressure control, constant confining pressure control, constant rate radial deformation control and constant radial deformation control.

3) sample, and at the end of central control, sample, end and central different temperature control;

The test machine can detect and record the following parameters:

1) axial test force and axial deformation;

2) confining pressure and radial deformation;

3) the temperature of the upper, lower and middle parts of the sample.

4) the pore water pressure of the upper and lower ends of the specimen;

5) the suction of the freeze-thaw surface of the sample;

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