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The Basic Composition Of Core Drilling Rig
Dec 21, 2017

Core drilling machine is composed of rotary mechanism, feeding mechanism, lifting mechanism, transmission mechanism, control device and machine base. Because of the different types of drill rig, some core drills may also be equipped with control meters or other auxiliary devices.

The rotary mechanism of the drilling rig is called a revolving device, which is used to drive the drilling tool to turn, and to break the rock continuously. The rotator of the core drill has three kinds of vertical, rotating and moving types. The classification of core drilling rig is derived from this.

The lifting mechanism is used to lift drills, bushings, or other things. Most drilling rigs are equipped with lifting mechanism, commonly known as "lifts", while some rigs are not equipped with lifting mechanism, for example, in mobile rotary drilling rig, the use of power head and feeding mechanism to achieve the function of elevator.

The inlet mechanism is used to adjust and maintain the axial load on the hole bottom bit, and the drilling tool is given in accordance with the drilling speed of the bit, and the drill is kept continuously.

The drive mechanism is used to drive the power machine of drilling rig to the power transmission of each working mechanism of the drill. Drilling machine power transmission mode organic drive, semi hydraulic transmission, full hydraulic transmission of three types.

The control device is used to distribute power, adjust the movement speed of each working mechanism of the drilling machine, and change the movement direction and form of the working mechanism. The manipulator of mechanical transmission rig is usually set up with related parts, and the operation mechanism of hydraulic transmission rigs is mostly set up together to become independent components, called operation console.

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