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The Use Method Of Electric Antiflex Testing Machine
Mar 04, 2018

Method of use

1. Maintain the balance of leverage, always pay attention to the lever balance in the use, check whether the balance is loose and tighten.

2. Check whether the upper and lower clamps are on a Central Line to support whether the cylinder is clean, worn and free to move freely.

3. Put the test block in the anti-folding fixture according to the cement baffle, and adjust the clamp so that the lever has an elevation that is close to the equilibrium state when the specimen is broken.

4, test: according to the above points after checking card block can begin test, press start button motor drive screw rotation swim thallium moved from "0" loading, when added to a certain value to try broken body, a main rod end location touch rod pressure micro switch motor stalling thallium stop, now write down number, to complete a test process.

The bending strength is calculated according to the following formula:

Rf = 3 PE / 2 bh2 = 0.234, P

Among them: Rf - folding strength kg/cm2.

P - damages the weight of kg.

E - support the cylindrical center distance from 10cm.

B, h -- the section width and height of the specimen are 4cm.

In the test, the value of the folding strength can be read directly from the standard size, **MPa.

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