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The Type Of Geogrid:
Feb 19, 2018

Type of geogrid:

1. Bidirectional plastic geogrid.

The two - way geotextiles are made by extruding, forming plate and punching process by using polyethylene or polypropylene.

Two-way welding grille is a polyethylene, polypropylene stretch belt, enhance sexual fiber reinforced, and then welded into the structure of the character "#" new type of green environmental protection building materials, can be divided into single, two-way, welding grille. The product has high strength, small deformation, corrosion resistance, long service life, convenient construction, low cost advantages, positioning filling level off, especially can meet the requirements of all kinds of permanent works more than 100 years.

2. Unidirectional plastic geogrid.

Unidirectional geogrid is made by polyethylene through sheet extrusion pressure rules of mesh again, then the longitudinal tensile. The directional linear polymer into a state in the process of the formation and distribution uniformity, long oval mesh nodes with high intensity is the structure integrity.

3. Warp knitting polyester geogrid.

High strength polyester fiber is used as the raw material for polyester fiber warp. Use the warp knitting oriented structure, latitude and longitude in the fabric to the yarn to each other without bending state, intersection with high strength fiber filament bundle together, form a strong point, give full play to its mechanical properties, high strength polyester fiber warp knitting geogrid has high tensile strength, extension force is small, tear resistance strength, vertical and horizontal intensity difference is small, ultraviolet aging resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light, and soil or gravel interlocking power, to enhance soil shear and soil reinforcement to improve the integrity and load force, has a significant effect.

4. Steel plastic composite geogrid.

Steel-plastic geogrid with high-strength steel wire, through special processing, and PE, and adding other additives, by extrusion compound high strength resistance to stay with it, and we have rough surface embossing, is for the high strength reinforced belt. In this way, the single belt is prepared or sandwiched by a certain distance, and the welding technology is formed by welding the welding technology with special strengthening adhesion.

5. Glass fiber geogrid.

Glass fiber geogrids is fiber glass material, adoption of a certain mesh structure material made of weaving process, to protect the glass fiber, improve the overall performance, through special Shanghai juji processing technology of highway reinforced material

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