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The Operation Mode Of AAV Grinding Machine
Jan 29, 2018

1. Take 473 mm plus or minus 1 mm, at least 400 mm wide, but not more than the cylinder length of sandpaper, with an average thickness of 1.0mm + 0.2mm. Take three and roller looks, not more than 0.2 mm thick, 25 to 50 mm wide tape, stick on the roller surface, and the each double-sided adhesive with roller axis parallel to the one in sand paper at both ends of the tapping.

2, fixed sandpaper sandpaper behind mark arrow direction and test run in the same direction, must be closely paste on the drum, both ends must be aligned before and after the sand paper, and two short side and parallel to the axis of roller. The bonding time between two ends of sandpaper is less than 2 mm, but cannot coincide.

3. After replacement, the sandpaper is too thick, and it must be made of metal round pieces, without the weight of the load, to grind one or two pieces of sandpaper. The roller must be kept clean. When replacing the old sandpaper, clean the double-sided tape on the roller and clean the sand paper after grinding. When you paste the sandpaper, please gently grind it with fine sandpaper.

4, the whole bracket lift up to the starting point, to loosen the nut counterclockwise, then chuck get bigger, puts standard plastic clip, standard glue can be used by the last time, as long as its standard or the thickness of the adhesive in the total thickness of the rubber material is greater than 6 mm, hold the sample at the same time to lock nut in a clockwise direction.

5, 2 mm thickness of the metal piece on the device has good standard glue, adjusting bolt in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, make the standard parallel to the thickness of the metal piece, make standard plastic clip 2 mm + / - 0.02 mm. Move the entire bracket to the starting point and place it on the guide rod pulley. Place 2.5N and 5.0N weights on the load seat.

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