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The Operating Rules For The Analysis Balance
Dec 29, 2017

Operating procedures

1, the switch when used to slowly and evenly open and close, too fast will cause damage due to excessive blade, shaking caused by measuring error.

In 2, each weighing, balance should be closed, absolutely can not increase or decrease in the balance when opening the weights, or placed in the pan in the known.

3, when weighing, we should first estimate the weight added appropriately, then open the balance, observe the pointer offset and put back, then increase or decrease the weight, re open the balance to the projection screen, and then read the rest until 10mg.

4. When the object is under 10mg, it can be read directly on the projection screen.

5, the temperature of the balance room should be kept at 20 + 2 degrees C, to avoid the sun exposure and the swirl invasion or the single side of the cold heating. The silicon alum desiccant should be placed in the frame cover. No acid solution should be used as a desiccant.

6, known objects should be placed in the pan central, shall not exceed the maximum balance.

7. The objects which are too cold and hot and contain volatile and corrosive can not be weighed in the balance.

8. After the balance is finished, the brake closes and the weight index should be circled to zero, and the balance is used on the cover.

9, when the balance to move, must be around the ring beam, Farmar, lug parts carefully removed, placed in the box. Other parts should not be removed at will. [4]

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