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The Difference Between The Hydraulic Pressure Testing Machine And The Material Testing Machine
Apr 14, 2018

The difference between hydraulic pressure testing machine and material testing machine is compared.

Hydraulic pressure testing machine is a power source with high pressure oil pressure as a power source, the force is large, most of the test machines above 200KN are hydraulic, of course, there are electronic, but the price is high. The hydraulic pressure testing machine is mainly used for the compression test of various materials, such as cement, concrete, various building bricks, rubber pads, concrete components, metal components and other compressive strength tests.

The material testing machine uses a microcomputer control all digital broadband electro-hydraulic servo valve to drive the precision hydraulic cylinder. The microcomputer control system can automatically control the test force, displacement and deformation, and complete the tensile, compression and bending tests of the sample, which is in conformity with the national standard GB/T228-2002 "tensile test method of metal materials at room temperature". Requirements and other standard requirements. It includes material testing machine, electronic testing machine, hydraulic testing machine, electro-hydraulic servo testing machine, equipped with different attachments, so that the test mode can be changed. Therefore, hydraulic pressure test is a special kind of testing equipment specially for compressive strength, and the material is a test machine which sets up many kinds of test methods, including hydraulic test machine.

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