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The Construction And Technical Parameters Of The Electric Antiflex Testing Machine
Mar 04, 2018

Machine construction:

This tester has a base, the column, liang, length, size, leverage, Yang Angle bar dashboard, bending fixture, swimming, weight, size balance thallium, drive motor, drive screw, and electric control boxes and other components.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters of kzj-5000 electric folding machine;

Gross weight/net weight 150kg/85kg.

Packing size: 1280 * 400 * 840mm.

Voltage power 220V/15W.

Maximum test force

One lever is 1000N.

The double lever is 6000N.

Accuracy of indicator

The single lever is equal to 10/1.

The double leverage is equal to 50/1.

Loading rate (double lever) 50N/S.

Bending fixture

Loading roller and the supporting rod Φ 10 mm in diameter

Support stick distance of 100 + 0.1mm.

Spacing of baffles is 46mm.

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