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The Classification Of Geotextiles
Feb 19, 2018

There are three main series of geotextiles:

1. acupuncture non-woven geotextile, the specification of 100 g/m2-600 - g/m2 between arbitrary choice, the main raw material is to use polyester staple fiber and polypropylene fiber, by acupuncture method, main purpose is: the river, sea and lake embankment slope protection, wai from land, wharf, lock flood-prevention project, is through the filter of soil and water conservation and the effective ways to prevent piping.

2.Composite geotextile acupuncture non-woven fabric and PE membrane, specifications have a cloth film, a second cloth film, maximum width 4.2 meters of the main raw material is to use polyester short fiber needle-punched non-woven fabrics, PE film by compound, main use is impervious, is suitable for railway, highway, tunnel, subway, airport and other projects.

3. Non-spinning and spinning composite geotextiles, with non-woven and polypropylene filament woven composite, non-woven and plastic woven composite, suitable for foundation reinforcement, adjust the permeability coefficient of the basic engineering facilities.

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