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The Classification Of Analysis Balance
Dec 29, 2017

Classified editor

There are many types of balance analysis: mechanical, electronic, manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic and so on.

Correction: balance analysis can be divided into the school type, school type. The so-called internal calibration is the electronic balance with the internal calibration weights, convenient to adjust at any time, one key to be calibrated. The school type must be in accordance with the correction key, from the outside to put weight for manual correction.

Electronic balance

1. check and adjust the balance to the horizontal position.

An example diagram for the analysis of balance

An example diagram for the analysis of balance

2. check whether the power supply voltage is matched in advance (if necessary, configure the regulator), and the power is preheated to the required time according to the requirement of the instrument.

3. the balance switch is opened after sufficient preheating time, and the balance will automatically adjust the sensitivity and zero point. After the stabilization sign is displayed, the formal weighing can be carried out. 4. when weighing, clean the weighing bottle or weighing paper on the weighing plate, close the side door, press the leather key lightly, the balance will automatically proofread the zero point, and then gradually add the material to be called until the required weight. 5. the weight of the material is known as the actual value of the display when the lower left corner of the display appears.

At the end of the 6., the weighing bottle (paper) should be removed in time, the side door is closed, the power supply is cut off, and the use condition is registered. [1]

Mechanical balance

1. slowly rotary lifting pivot, open the balance, the swing range observation pointer, such as pointer swing to the side, can adjust the balance beam zero adjusting screw.

2. will be weighing material from the left door into the left center, according to the first in the tray balance said chucheng quality tweezers take appropriate weights from the right door in the right center of the disk, with the left hand slowly rising and half pivot (due to too large difference on both sides of the balance quality, full lift lifting may pivot by hanging ears off. Damage the blade), the deviation of the eye pointer from large to small add weight. When the weight of the group is tried, then the code is adjusted. In addition, the right door must be closed in the course of adding the travel code to adjust the balance of the balance. At this time, all the lifting knobs can be raised. When the pointer stops, the scale on the sign must be at zero or near.

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