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The Classification And Use Of Geotextiles
Dec 20, 2017

The geotextiles have the following three main series:

A needle nonwoven geotextile, the specification of 100g/m2-600g/m2 between any choice, the main raw materials is the use of polyester staple fiber or polypropylene staple fiber, made by acupuncture method, the main purpose is to: slopeprotection River, sea, Lake embankment, land reclamation, flood control engineering, dock lock, is an effective way to maintain and prevent the piping the filter to the soil.

Two, non-woven cloth and PE membrane composite geotextiles, specifications have a membrane cloth, a cloth film two, maximum width of 4.2 meters is the main raw material to use acupuncture non-woven polyester staple fiber, PE film by composite, is mainly used for seepage control, railway, highway, tunnel, subway, airport, etc. engineering.

Three, non-woven and woven composite geotextiles, woven and polypropylene filament woven composite, non-woven and plastic woven composite, suitable for foundation reinforcement, adjust the permeability coefficient of the basic engineering facilities.

Characteristic features:

It has the advantages of light weight, low cost, corrosion resistance, filtration, drainage, isolation and enhancement.


It is widely used in geo engineering, such as water conservancy, electric power, mine, highway and railway.

L, soil layer separation filter material;

2, the drainage material for the mineral processing of the reservoir and mine, and the drainage material for the foundation of the high-rise building;

3. The anti scouring material of river embankment and slope protection;

4, the reinforcement material of the railway, highway and airport runway subgrade, the strengthening material of the marshland road repair;

5, frost proof, antifreeze insulation material;

6, anti cracking material of Asphalt Pavement

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