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Performance Characteristics Of Universal Pressure Testing Machine
Sep 08, 2017

♦ Better than 0.5 test accuracy is far ahead in the industry, effectively ensuring the accuracy of the test results

♦ One test machine integrates tensile, peel, tear and other seven independent test procedures, to provide users with a variety of test items

♦ 2000mm long stroke can meet the test of large deformation rate material

♦ Multi-size force sensor and seven speed test options for users to test different test conditions to provide a convenient

♦ Microcomputer control, menu interface, PVC operation panel, and large LCD display for easy user operation

♦ Intelligent protection such as limit protection, overload protection, auto return, and power-down memory to ensure user safety

♦ Professional control software provides a variety of practical functions for grouped sample statistical analysis, test curve overlay analysis, and historical data comparison.

♦ Support Lystem ™ lab data sharing system, unified management of test results and test reports

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Tel: +86-575-82047068

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Fax: +86-575-82047388


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