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Operation Method Of Full Automatic Cement Bending And Compression Testing Machine
Jul 07, 2017

Full automatic cement bending compression testing machine: mainly used for flexural and compressive strength test of cement mortar has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation and other advantages, is the cement factory, construction units, quality inspection station, college essential equipment. Mainly used for brick, stone, cement and concrete materials such as compressive strength test. Also for the compressive test of other materials.

Automatic bending operation method of cement compression testing machine: control box, computer, sensor, solenoid valve, proportional valve with the corresponding wire connection, plus a good oil tank, open the pump, the power on the computer system and control box.

Preparation prior to operation 1) check that the system is properly connected. 2) physical initialization. The choice of physical initialization in the following several conditions: a) for each user boot; b) suddenly when the system is powered down, the spool not normally return to zero; c) when users find the abnormal process control;

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