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Mortar Permeameter Notes
Dec 17, 2016

Mortar permeameter notes:
1, set control valve to the corresponding specimens into the water, observe the test mode bottom there is no leakage, seeps if you need to tighten the clamping nut of the corresponding part.
2, enter the normal test, follow the standard tests. JC474-92:0.2MPa constant pressure water pressure 2 hours, increased to 0.3MPa, every 1 hour increase working pressure 0.1MPa observe the specimen surface when there is no water leakage vendors Cangzhou xinke building equipment co., Ltd. 0317-5103232. If there is leakage, close the control valve.
3, when a group of 3 specimens all specimens in surface pressure water seepage, you can stop testing note the maximum water pressure as calculated on the basis of each specimen.
4, the end, cut off the power supply, open water pressure relief valve, allowing the system pressure drops to zero, remove the test mode.
5, pressure from the test specimen, and cleaning mold testing, mold base, coated with anti-rust oil for reuse.
6, before shipping wooden boxes (with waterproof layer on the inner wall) packaging, and boxes with the bolt locked. Transportation Cabinet angle is less than 250, and to avoid impact and shock.

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