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Mortar Permeameter Maintenance
Dec 17, 2016

Mortar permeameter maintenance:
1, the requirements of working environment: ambient air temperature 5 ° c-45 ° c relative humidity < 80%; not for a long time in working in an environment containing corrosive gases.
2, the water should be clean and free of impurities.
3, power tank at the factory have been great. Every six months later after opening the lid and the box cover to replace a machinery lubricants, 20th or 30th.
4, check whether the power bottom water every six months (this can be a job in the oil change simultaneously), and determine whether the water pump seal damage, such as damage to it need to be replaced.
5, such as ambient temperature close to 0 c, you will need to water, all water in the venting system of the pressure relief valve to avoid freeze damage to the system components.

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