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Introduction Of Universal Pressure Testing Machine
Sep 08, 2017

The universal pressure testing machine is to clamp the specimen between the two chucks of the fixture, the two chucks do relative movement, through the force on the chuck and the machine built-in displacement sensor, collected during the test Force value change and displacement change, so as to calculate the tensile strength, tear, deformation rate and other performance indicators.

The main function

1, according to GB, ISO, ASTM, JIS and other standards for testing and data processing.

2, the product is suitable for tertiary institutions, research institutes, import and export commodity inspection bureau, quality inspection bureau quality inspection, construction materials and other units of the testing center of metal, non-metallic, composite materials and products Stretching, compression, bending, cutting, stripping, tearing and many other physical and mechanical performance test.

3, the product can be widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, auto parts, engineering plastics, wires, cables, plastic rubber, textile, ceramics, building materials, metal materials, polymer materials, waterproof materials, food and pharmaceutical packaging industries Analysis and testing.

4, according to the user to do the test sample material, geometry, load range, the relevant standards to determine the model (micro, precision, standard, special type).

5, can determine the tensile strength, compressive strength, bending strength, elongation at break, elastic modulus, stress, strain and other parameters. (According to the specific requirements of users to determine what kind of test)

6, the value of wide expansion: with high-precision sensors, wide test range.

7, optional deformation measurement: with large deformation measuring device, so that the measurement elongation accuracy. (Marked elongation range)

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