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How To Choose Automatic Pressure Testing Machine
Oct 24, 2018

The automatic pressure testing machine is actually a kind of testing instrument that works on the technology of ordinary pressure testing machine through computer and computer software.

How to choose an automatic pressure testing machine?

First consider the scope of application, which is the maximum test force that the experimental material can withstand. Based on this data, we can select the corresponding test machine. Including the door type single arm or even hydraulic type, the test force is from small to large.

There are mainly the following preconditions:

First, consider the maximum experimental tensile range of the test material.

Second, the problem of the test itinerary.

Third, how about the basic configuration.

Fourth, the output results such as digital display or screen display.

Five: types of experimental projects that can be done

Six: the accuracy of the measurement, the automatic precision is generally higher than the ordinary digital display universal testing machine

Automatic pressure testing machine is different from ordinary testing machine

Because of the cooperation between the software and the computer, the automatic pressure testing machine can intuitively display the relevant data of the experimental materials of the book, and can save the printing for a long time, which is very convenient. Can also perform bending curves, non-proportional tensile strength, etc. that cannot be performed by ordinary testing machines.

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