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Functional Characteristics Of Tension Test Machine
Apr 14, 2018

The main functions of the tension test machine

1, complete the performance test of all kinds of preventive safety mechanical equipment according to the regulations, and the computer control professional test security (bar belt, rod rope, safety rope, waist guard), bamboo (wood) ladder, safety cap, foot buckle, foot pedal, waist rope and other soft material use equipment.

2, computer control, liquid product display, can set arbitrary parameters, display the force curve, and can display the fracture value of the test product at the same time, automatically form the test report, print test results and automatically save.

3, pull and pressure dynamometer can dynamically show the tension and pressure curve. The addition of loading is smooth and no overshoot. Manual / automatic operation can be switched to make the operation more convenient, more accurate and able to record the wasp value (commonly used in safety cap and other destructive tests).

4, self setting parameters for other soft and hard material tensile and pressure test performance tests, and automatically memorize the parameters set. It has a hundred years' rabbit maintenance calendar 5, has a hydraulic overload process protection function, and dynamically tracks the whole range of anti runaway function. It has the function of holding pressure, and the pressure holding time can be set at random. In the holding section, when the force value of the workpiece falls, it automatically improves the force. The computer can automatically load, maintain and unload according to the setting force and holding time.

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