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Constant Temperature And Humidity Standard Curing Box Operation
Dec 17, 2016

Constant temperature and humidity standard curing box rules:
1. product descriptions, curing box placed far away from the heat source is first place. tank sensor water bottles full of water, put the yarn on the probe into water bottles, curing box in the power distribution box on the side of the humidifier, take the tank filled with water, turn on the humidifier switch.
2. box gutters add water, didn't pass the location of the water heater to prevent dry.
3. check wiring is secure, after a normal power supply voltage, connected to instrument power, instrument power-on reset, work began to measure the temperature and humidity, displays and controls.
4. dry temperature, humidity-temperature display instruments under normal working conditions, humidity window display of ambient humidity, temperature window displays, humidity, set window shows you need to control humidity, capping window display and control the temperature of the ceiling limit setting Windows display the lower limit of temperature control.
5. parameter settings before leaving the factory, instrument parameters have been set to a value of 20.0 ± 1 ℃ temperature control, humidity control value of 92% ± 2%. power that is able to work properly.

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