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Concrete Standard Curing Box
Dec 17, 2016

Concrete standard curing box according to State standard curing of concrete specimen building industry requirements and to design. Applicable to all construction sites and research, quality inspection departments to cement, concrete specimens for strength, setting setting time of standard maintenance. Conservation box with advanced temperature and humidity control system, accurate instructions heating, cooling and humidifying functions. Automatic switching to realize dynamic balance of temperature and humidity in the box and placed automatic printer and a water level sensor.
Concrete standard curing box principle
This instrument precision platinum resistance Pt100 temperature components, high performance (a/d) converters will be transmitted from the multiplexer. Temperature and humidity of equivalent voltage signals into digital signals, and then processed by the microprocessor display and control. When the temperature drops below a set value lower limit of temperature control, instrument output a heating control signal, when the temperature is above the temperature value is determined, the instrument output control signal, when the window of entering the setting control temperature zone (CER set your region), the instrument stops heating or cooling, enters the constant state. When the humidity falls below the specified maximum climate control, instrument humidification output signal, when the humidity is higher than the set value lower limit of humidity control, humidification stops.

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