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Concrete Coring Machine Use And Care
Dec 17, 2016

Use method
1, native moved to the desired drilling core, on the base loosen the four adjustment screws on (5), adjust the machine level and on the ground embedded iron expansion bolt of the M16 in order to fix this.
2, press the drill size brace a bit.
3, access to water, check if there is water leaking out from the bit.
4, turn on the power switch, idle for a few minutes, and turn the feed handles, and drilling.
Matters needing attention
1, drilled, shall ensure uniform feeding speed, estimated to be around 3~5cm/min, such as find the bits of card, may be appropriate to reduce the feed rate, if necessary, upgrade the bit for a while, and then slowly slip into, avoid hard drilling, so as not to break the drill bit and the machine.
2, the entire drilling process must be maintained in sufficient water cooling.
3, drilled at the end, only the bit from the workpiece can only be shut down.
4, drilling, no overload, when the motor temperature exceed 70 ℃, (feeling hot), the load should be reduced and replaced with new drills.
Maintenance and inspection
1, check all parts regularly joints, such as loose should be adjusted in a timely manner.
2, bit loading should be two threads join lithium grease.
3, drilled after the drilling rig parts scrubbed clean, and lubricate on the pedestal and rack.
4, every six months for the lithium grease in the gearbox.

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