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Concrete coring machine maintenance and precautions
Dec 17, 2016

Concrete coring machine (concrete coring machine) considerations
1, when the sticking occurs, does not allow forced starting machine approach to eliminate sticking, and artificial method to use (such as using long moved the hand turning drill bit) removed, reboot the machine.
2, when the core drill bit, should immediately stop drilling and cleared in a timely manner. When cleared, allows only soft sticks tapped with a rubber hammer or drill steel body, repeatedly tapping the cores can be cleared out. By hammer percussion drill bits or core is prohibited, no Insert percussion core bit back with iron bars, so as not to damage the thin wall bit.
3, should be read carefully before use (petrol engine user manuals)
4, is strictly prohibited without water.
Concrete coring machine repair and maintenance
1, the core is completed, parts clean, dry, properly greased.
2, professionals responsible for use and maintenance in order to maintain the normal use of the machine.
3, check back often for petrol, oil, prevent machine damage impact short oil life.
4, the machine or use many times for a long time, you should check the parts bolt is loose, and in case of impact and delay for normal use.
5, if the machine is not used for a long time, should put the net of machine oil in the gasoline to prevent carburetor dipping for too long next time difficult to activate

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