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Classification Of Total Station Instrument By Appearance
Jan 09, 2018

Classification according to its appearance structure

The total station instrument can be divided into two types according to its appearance structure.

(1) block type (Modular, also called combination)

In the early stage, the total station is mostly a block type structure, that is, the electronic speed tester, the electronic theodolite and the electronic recorder are all a whole. They can be separated and used, or they can be combined through cables or interfaces to form a complete total station.

(2) integral type (Integral)

With the further dexterous of the electronic range finder, the modern total station has designed an integral part of distance measuring, angle measuring and recording unit in optics and machinery. The transmitting shaft, the receiving shaft and the alignment axis of the telescope are coaxial structures. This is very beneficial to the precision of distance measurement under the condition of large vertical angle.

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