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Cement Concrete Standard Curing Box Structure
Dec 17, 2016

Cement concrete standard curing box structure:
1, the cabinet formed by the inner, middle and outer. Inner vessel adopt import stainless steel welded together. Shell is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, bend, across the middle layer EVA foam padding. Shelving-stainless steel material. Solid structure, beautiful shape, good corrosion resistance, never rusts.
2, temperature and humidity control using IC-wide digital display. It is high resolution and an intuitive, easy temperature control accuracy.
3, cooling systems with high power compressor, it tube-plate evaporator, outside condenser to improve cooling performance. Heat exchange with the fan inside the box, temperature decrease temperature more stable.
4, heating with electric heating tube, high-power heater can raise the temperature inside the box to set temperature, heating gases as heating auxiliary added.
5, advanced humidification with ultrasonic humidifier, it has automatic constant control of humidification of mist, ensure that humidity in the box >90%.

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