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Cement Block Curing Box Operation And Maintenance
Dec 17, 2016

Operation method
1, after heating water tank filled with water, then the humidifier water tank down, following water tank cap unscrewed, add water to the 2/3 and humidification tank and pipe reduction.
2, adjust the temperature and humidity to the desired temperature and humidity, open the power switch on the instrument.
3, after working into the specimen conservation.
In the 4, temperature errors due to space error, several programs can automatically eliminate not an equipment issue.
Maintenance and precautions
1, heating and cooling simultaneously is strictly prohibited.
2, curing box not inclined so as not to damage refrigeration compressor
3, place the location requirements for better ventilation.
4, the instrument when not for a long time, should be tank discharge tube (valve) open drain maintenance inside the water, in order to prolong service life of curing box.

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